GPFS Flute Fair 2015




Mary Raetz and the GPFS Youth Flute Choir perform at Flute Fair 2003This is the overall schedule for Flute Fair.


Time Event
9:00 AM * Flute Fair opens
9:30 AM * Workshop in the Band Room: Exploring the Low Flutes. An Introduction to the Alto Flute, Bass Flute and Contrabass Flute by Phyllis Louke
10:00 AM * Raffle Drawing
10:30 AM * Workshop in the Band Room, The Art of Phrasing Your Technique by Sophia Tegart
* Performance in Atrium: Rose City Flute Choir
11:00 AM * Young Artist Competition Junior Division in the Choir Room
* Raffle Drawing
11:15 AM * Performance in Atrium: Precious Metal Flute Quartet
11:30 AM * Workshop in the Band Room: Five Essential Warming-up Tips by Jasmine Choi
12:00 PM * Performance in Atrium: John C. Savage and Rosie Sokolov, flutes
* Raffle Drawing
12:20 PM * Young Artist Competition Senior Division in the Choir Room
12:30 PM * Workshop in the Band Room: “See Your Sound! Real-Time Pitch Visualization for Teaching and Practicing” by Shelly Granger
1:00 PM * Raffle Drawing
2:00 PM * Raffle Drawing
* Sara Laskey Memorial Fund Masterclass, presented by Jasmine Choi; Choir Room
3:00 PM * Raffle Drawing
4:00 PM * Flute Fair closes
* Volunteer Raffle Drawing