GPFS Flute Fair 2018



Staffing & Credits

GPFS Flute Fair Committee

Site manager: Chris Smith, Phyllis Louke
Volunteer Coordinator: Chris Smith
Workshops: Chris Smith
Exhibit Hall: Debbie Johnson
Flute Fair Program: Emily Stanek
Performance Coordinator: Phyllis Louke
Masterclass: Abigail Sperling, Sandy Duffy-Norman
Guest Artist Recital Coordinator: Phyllis Louke
Guest Artist Reception: Sandy Duffy Norman
Guest Artist Master Class: Sandy Duffy Norman
Guest Artist Recital Program: Abigail Sperling
Stage manager: Sam Louke
Signs: Lisa Steinkamp
Photographer: Nancie Thompson
Raffle & Merchandise: Cheryl Thompson-Merrill
Membership Table & Roster: Adrian Dee
Admission Table: Rebecca Olson
Young Artist Competition: Abigail Sperling & Emily Stanek
Food & Refreshments: CCC Cougar Cafe operated by Trio Hospitality


Flute Fair Committee Chair Job Descriptions.
Flute Fair Volunteer Job Descriptions & Duties

Special Thanks

GPFS would like to offer special thanks to:

  • The Raffle Donors
  • Flute Fair Workshop Presenters
  • GPFS Business Members for their ongoing support of GPFS.
  • Aloha High School and the band director for the use of the space and assistance in producing the GPFS Flute Fair.
  • The GPFS Board of Directors and Flute Fair organizers extend their gratitude to the cadre of volunteers who generously gave their time and energy this year. Thanks for getting up early, staying late, missing a workshop, schlepping food, shuttling instruments, lugging chairs, peddling merchandise, advocating membership, and all of the other duties you graciously accepted to create harmony and bring success to this annual event. We appreciate each and every one of you!