GPFS Flute Fair 2019


Trudy Kane
Special Guest Artist


What is Flute Fair?

Note: Flute Fair is at a new location this year! Click here for directions.

Flute Fair is a day filled with flute related activities, sponsored by the Greater Portland Flute Society, Clackamas Community College, and Muramatsu America. Best of all, admission and all the activities are FREE for GPFS Members!!! There will be a small charge for non-members. Flute Fair will be held at Gregory Forum at Clackamas Community College from 9:00 AM til 4:00 PM on Saturday, April 13, 2019.  These Flute Fair pages are under construction and as information is updated it will be posted here, so check back often, especially in the days leading up to flute fair.


"What kind of flute-related activities?" you may ask. Some typical activities are:

  • Workshops on various flute-related topics in the morning, including a workshop taught by our Special Guest Artist.
  • Performances by GPFS members occurring periodically in the morning.
  • A masterclass taught by our Special Guest Artist at 2:00 - 4:00 PM.
  • A young artist’s competition for junior and senior high school students. Here is a link to the registration and payment page (Mar 30 5pm deadline for submission and payment).
  • Vendors in our exhibit hall selling flutes and flute-related merchandise from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Here is a link to a short video of highlights from Flute Fair 2014.

"Merchandise? What kind of merchandise?"

Bob Frymire, Flute FindersFirst of all there will be flutes in all price ranges—from student flutes to professional flutes to solid gold flutes.  There will also be used flutes for sale.  There will be piccolos, and larger flutes, such as bass flutes and alto flutes. 

Flute Fair is a wonderful opportunity to learn about different brands and models, and play-test a variety of flutes side by side and possibly find a flute that’s just right for you!  Every major flute manufacturer will be represented, including Altus, Brannen, Burkart, JL Smith, Jupiter, Haynes, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Pearl Flutes, and others—I’ll bet you didn’t know that so many different companies made flutes!

Carolyn Nussbaum, Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co.There will be flute headjoints to try from many of the flute manufacturers, as well as companies that only make flute headjoints.

“Headjoints?  Why would I just want to buy just a headjoint?” 

There are many reasons: You like your flute, but want to improve the way it sounds; if you can’t afford to upgrade the quality of your flute, it is a less expensive way to improve the way your flute sounds.  Purchasing a new headjoint can make your flute easier to play (you still have to practice, though!) because the notes come out easier.  Sometimes purchasing a new headjoint can even improve some of the intonation difficulties you’ve been having on your flute (you still have to listen, though!)

There will be flute accessories for sale, such as music stands, flute stands, tuners, metronomes, flute swabs, cleaning cloths, gig bags, etc.  There will be flute t-shirts, flute notepads, flute pencils, flute coffee mugs, flute jewelry and other flute items to buy.  There will also be flute music to buy.

"Did you mention a raffle?"

Mara Goosman, Butterfly Headjoint CompanyYes, we'll have a raffle! Actually, we’ll have two! Enter the $1 raffle for a chance to win a variety of fabulous prizes, such as CD's, books to assist you in teaching and performing, sheet music, cleaning cloths and more! This drawing takes place hourly so you have plenty of chances to win. For only $5, you can enter our Special Raffle, and win a one hour coaching session with professional flutist, Dawn Weiss (see Dawn's web site for her bio and teaching philosophy). See the schedule for raffle times and the list of raffle prizes.

Check these links (or the navigation buttons at the top left of this page) for specific information on vendors, workshops, performances, and scheduling. Plan on coming early and staying late! Bring a friend (or two or three!). It'll be a fun-filled day!

We need volunteers to help Flute Fair run smoothly!

To volunteer an hour or two of your time, please contact Adrian Dee via e-mail for volunteer opportunities. It's a great way to support this wonderful event. We'll provide a free ticket for the volunteer-only raffle.

Are you a merchant that wants to exhibit at Flute Fair?

Information on exhibiting at Flute Fair and links to applications for membership and exhibiting at Flute Fair.