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38th Annual Flute Fair 2022, online with Gareth McLearnon!

Program, Schedule and Registration Below!

April 8th, 7:30 online guest artist recital & April 9th morning guest artist workshops and masterclass, and

Young Artist Winner performances 8:45 - 2:30. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! There is still time to schedule appointments to meet with vendors in-person! 

While this year's Flute Fair performances and workshop will again be online, several of our commercial members will be visiting the area in-person on this same weekend so interested individuals can schedule a time to try instruments, meet with repair technicians, or receive delivery of any sheet music or accessories of interestest!

Click here for instructions on how to connect with these vendors.

Listen to Gareth talk about his upcoming recital and workshops for GPFS! Click here.

Program: 38th Annual GPFS Flute Fair Program.pdf

Thank you to Wm. S. Haynes Company with which Gareth McLearnon is an Artist-In-Residence.

To learn more about Gareth visit his webpage, YouTube, Instagram and/or Facebook page. 

    Guest artist Friday Eve performance program and the description of workshops for Saturday morning below! 

    Gareth is extremely proud to be the European Artist-in-Residence for Wm. S. Haynes Co. and is a Haynes Artist - playing on a pair of beautiful custom made solid 14K gold Haynes Flutes #54321 & #54322.

    April 8th, 2022, 7:30 Friday Eve Online Performance by Gareth McLearnon

    With musical collaborators from L’APPASIONATA Orchestra da Camera di Verona, Italia

    Lorenzo Gugole: Violin I

    Elisa Spremulli: Violin II

    Vincenzo Starace: Viola

    Andrea Marcolini: Cello

    Matteo Zabadneh: Double Bass

    Program. Public Invited - Please Spread the Word! 

    • Mozart: Flute Quartet in D Major K285: 15:00  (w/strings)
    • McLearnon: Cosmic Dawn for Flute Ensemble: 6:00
    • McLearnon: Single Yellow Line for Flute Quintet (brand new arrangement): 4:00
    • Trad. Arr. McLearnon: A Few Wee Jigs for Flute & Flute Ensemble (new arrangement) 3:00
    • Sollima: Contrafactus for Flute & String Quintet: 12:00
    • Trad. (Arr. McLearnon): Danny Boy for Flute & Strings: 4:00

    April 9th 8:45 - 2:30, Saturday Online

    8:45 - 9:00: Meet the Guest Artist - A Conversation with Guest Artist Gareth McLearnon

    9:00 - 9:45: Workshop One - De-mystifying Great Tone with Gareth McLearnon

    10:00 - 10:45: Workshop Two - The Whistle-stop Tour of Extended Techniques with Gareth McLearnon

    11:00 - 11:15: GPFS Member Annual Meeting

    11:15 - 1:15: Masterclass Performances: Performances in the Sara Lasky Masterclass with guest artist Gareth McLearnon. Auditing (listening in, not performing) is covered by your flute fair registration! We hope you will listen in to hear these talented young performers and Gareth’s insights on these interesting pieces.

    • 11:15 – 11:45: Lauren Huber will perform Concerto by Otar Gordeli, pianist Doug Schneider
    • 11:45 – 12:15: Macy Gong will perform the third movement of the Concerto by Jacques Ibert, pianist Doug Schneider
    • 12:15 – 12:45: John Nguyen will perform Fantasie Mignon pour flûte et piano by PaulTaffanel, pianist Artem Arutyunyan
    • 12:45 – 1:15: Miri Lee will perform movement one of the Sonata by Yuko Uebayashi, pianist Garrett Bond
    1:30 - 2:30: Young Artist Competition Winner Performances

    De-mystifying Great Tone: An approach to explore the brass-tacks methodology and techniques of creating a great tone on your flute. Clear instructions, innovative approaches, surprising ideas, useful analogies, and even some controversial myth-busting to be had in this fully interactive session! Have your flutes out and ready to test throughout the class! (While muted!)

    The Whistle-stop Tour of Extended Techniques: A seat-of-your-pants, rapid-fire, Flutes Out exploration of TWENTY of the most common extended techniques for the flute - ranging from the conventional to the innovative to the downright STRANGE. Thanks to Zoom and the MUTE function - you can happily squeak, honk and splurt your way through the class without fear! Just maybe have a cloth close at hand to give your computer screen a wipe!

    Masterclass with Gareth and four selected performers will be conducted after these workshops. More details to come! Listen in, enjoy and learn about the performers' pieces and his feedback on learning and performing them.


    Saturday Admission

    • GPFS Members: Free!
    • Non-members: $20 per person. You can join GPFS anytime for free entry to Flute Fair! Click here to learn about the benefits of joining.


    Friday Evening Recital

    • GPFS Members: $10
    • Non-members: $15 per person

    See What's On!


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    Young Artist Competition

    Check out Performances!


    Plan Your Flute Fair!


    Sara Lasky Masterclass

    The Zoom links for the performances and workshops will be emailed to registrants in the confirmation email and through another email closer to the event itself. These Zoom links can also be found by going to the Members area of this GPFS website which is found under the Members Resources tab above. Simply login with your email and password and then go to the Events section. You will also find there the current Flute Fair program which also includes the Zoom links on the master schedule page. Enjoy! Thank you for attending the 2022 GPFS Flute Fair. 

    Next year's Flute Fair is scheduled for April 15, 2023.

    What is Flute Fair? This is the GPFS flagship event that includes an internationally celebrated guest artist recital on Friday night followed by a Saturday full of workshops by local pros, masterclasses, competitions, a seminar by our guest artist, and of course flutes, music, and gear for sale! Flute Fair is your chance to spend a weekend enjoying all things flute.

    In the past, our special guest artists have included Lorna McGee (2008), PROJECT TRIO (2009), Marianne Gedigian (2011), Jim Walker (2013), Ian Clarke (2014), Jasmine Choi (2015), Peter Sheridan (2017), Julien Beaudiment (2018), Trudy Kane (2019),  Valerie Coleman (2021).

    Cost? Sponsored by the Greater Portland Flute Society as well as Clackamas Community College when the event is held in-person, access to all Saturday's activities are FREE for GPFS Members! Non-members can attend for $20. Admission to the Friday evening recital is only $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

    What else does Flute Fair have to offer? When Flute Fair is held in person, versus the online event for this year, you can find all of the flutes and flute items you've been wanting—and then some! See and play test flutes and headjoints, both new and used. There are flute accessories galore such as music stands, flute stands, tuners, metronomes, flute swabs, cleaning cloths, gig bags, etc. You can even have your flute checked by an expert repair person! How about flute music? We've got you covered. Need a flute gift? There are also flute T-shirts, flute notepads, flute pencils, flute coffee mugs, flute jewelry, and other flute items available for sale.

    For this year's online event, you'll have the opportunity to hear from a few of the commercial members that have supported GPFS over the years. We also encourage you to visit our GPFS Commercial Members webpage for easy access to their offerings. Check the above links for specific information on vendorsworkshops, performances, and scheduling

    Flute Fair includes: 

    • Workshops on various flute-related topics in the morning, including a workshop taught by our Special Guest Artist and local professionals.
    • Performances and workshops by GPFS members.
    • A Masterclass taught by our Special Guest Artist.
    • A Young Artist’s Competition for junior and senior high school students.
    • On hold for 2022 - Vendors in our exhibit hall selling flutes and flute-related merchandise from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

    What kind of merchandise?

    Flutes in all price ranges from student flutes to professional flutes and everything inbetween, including used instruments. In the market for a piccolo or low flute? We’ve got you covered at Flute Fair! Flute Fair is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about different brands and models, and play-test a variety of flutes side by side and possibly find a flute that’s just right for you! Most major flute manufacturers are represented, including Altus, Burkart, JL Smith, Jupiter, Haynes, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, Pearl Flutes, and Sankyo.  Flute headjoints from many of the flute manufacturers, as well as companies that only make flute headjoints, that you can try. There are many reasons you might want just a headjoint: you like your flute, but want to improve the way it sounds; if you can’t afford to upgrade the quality of your flute, it is a less expensive way to improve the way your flute sounds.  Flute accessories for sale, such as music stands, flute stands, tuners, metronomes, flute swabs, cleaning cloths, gig bags, etc. There will be flute t-shirts, flute notepads, flute pencils, flute coffee mugs, flute jewelry and other flute items to buy. And of course music!

    Staffing & Credits

    GPFS Flute Fair Committee

    All GPFS Board Members

    Volunteer Coordinator:
    N/A 2022

    BJ Nicoletti & Adrian Dee

    Exhibit Hall:
    Virtual this year, some vendors may visit the area

    Flute Fair Program:
    BJ Nicoletti

    Performance Coordinator:
    Adrian Dee & BJ Nicoletti

    Sandy Duffy-Norman

    Guest Artist Recital Coordinator:
    Phyllis Louke

    Guest Artist Reception:
    Not applicable this year

    Guest Artist Master Class:
    Sandy Duffy Norman

    Guest Artist Recital Program:
    BJ Nicoletti

    Stage manager/Zoom Facilitators:
    Abigail Sperling and BJ Nicoletti

    Not applicable this year

    Abigail Sperling and BJ Nicoletti

    Membership Table & Roster:
    Adrian Dee

    Admission Table:
    Not applicable this year

    Young Artist Competition:
    Sydney Carlson & Emily Stanek

    Food & Refreshment:  Not applicable this year

    GPFS would like to offer special thanks to:

    • Flute Fair Workshop Presenters

    • GPFS Business Members for their ongoing support of GPFS.

    • When the event is help in-person (hopefully in 2023), Clackamas Community College and the Music Department for the use of the space and assistance in producing the GPFS Flute Fair.

    • The GPFS Board of Directors and Flute Fair organizers extend their gratitude to the cadre of volunteers who generously give their time and energy. In typical years, our volunteers get up early, stay late, miss a workshop, schlep food, shuttle instruments, lug chairs, peddle merchandise, advocate membership, and many other duties graciously accepted to create harmony and bring success to this annual event. We appreciate each and every one of you!

    Fred Meyer Community Rewards

    This program makes it easy for you to donate to the GPFS with the shopping you do every day!

    To  connect your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the GPFS,  CLICK HERE

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