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Flute Fair 2009

Images from the Flute Fair on April 4 featuring Greg Pattillo and others and pictures of the exhibit hall.


Cocoa, Cookies and Choir Jan 2009

Images from the January Cocoa, Cookies and Choir event at Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, thanks to Chris Leck.



Flute Fair 2007

Images from the Flute Fair on April 14 featuring Michel Debost and others and pictures of the exhibit hall.


Michel Debost's Concert and Reception

Images from the recital by flutist Michel Debost at the Old Church, April 13, 2007.


Flute Fair 2006

Images from Flute Fair 2006, April 1, 2005, featuring performances by Mattias Ziegler and others and pictures of the exhibit hall.


Trevor Wye's "Flutes Fantastic!"

Trevor WyeImages from recital by flutist Trevor Wye and pianist Clifford Benson on November 11, 2005.


Flute Fair 2005

Laurel ZuckerImages from Flute Fair 2005, April 2, 2005, featuring performances by Laurel Zucker & Christopher Caliendo, Matthias Ziegler, and others

Adrianne Greenbaum and FleytMuzik

Adrianne GreenbaumImages from the concert by Adrianne Greenbaum & FleytMuzik Klezmer Band's Jan. 22, 2005 performance at Congregation Neveh Shalom

Bernard Z. Goldberg Etude Master Class

Pictures from the November 2, 2003 master class


2003 GPFS Members Recital

Pictures from the October 12, 2003 GPFS Members Recital


Rose City Flute Choir at 2003 NFA Convention

The Rose City Flute Choir performed at the National Flute Association Convention at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday, August 7, 2003. Image by John Northe.

Patricia George's Flute Spa

On September 12 & 13, 2003, Patricia George presented her Flute Spa at PSU Lincoln Hall. Images by David Dahl.

Leslie Newman

On January 24, Leslie Newman offered an evening of flute music that was a step above and beyond the normal repertoire heard in our recital hall. On January 25, she held a master class. These images primarily are from her recital.

2002 GPFS Members Recital

This album contains pictures of all of the performers from the November 10, 2002 GPFS Members Recital.

Robert Dick

Robert Dick presented a workshop and a recital at Western Oregon University on October 25, 2002. We have a few pictures of Robert visiting with his admirers and discussing his unique flutes after the recital.


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