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Flute-Related Links

Flute Resources & Link Collections

There are lots of flute-related sites on the web. There are also a lot of people doing a wonderful job of collecting those links. Therefore, we thought we would present sites with collections of links instead creating still another collection.

Larry Krantz Flute Pages Home of the Flute List. Includes a flute FAQ, events calendar, Flute List Radio, flutemakers, flute vendors, stolen flute list, and more. Focuses on simple system wooden flutes. Lots of related links.

Flute Reference

Here are some useful reference sites that we like.

Flute Acoustics The University of South Wales, Australia, web site dedicated to understanding the flute. Includes The Virtual Boehm Flute: select a fingering to search for all its predicted notes and multiphonics. Information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years.
Woodwind Fingering Guide On-line fingering charts for flute, piccolo, and more.

Flutemakers and Dealers

Please visit our GPFS Sponsors page. These flutemakers and dealers support the Greater Portland Flute Society.

Flute Clubs and Organizations

Greater Portland Flute Society You are here!
National Flute Association See also the NFA's "Activities and Organizations" page.
Seattle Flute Society Just a couple of hours up the road.


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