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First Tuesday - GPFS Member Online Performances & Workshops - 7:00 - 7:45 pm PST

Free for GPFS Members, $5 for Non-Member Guests. Learn more and see the calendar of events below.

Donna is a flutist who is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and a retired physical therapist. We're very fortunate to have her talent in our GPFS membership! Let's listen in and learn.

Our next First Tuesday is on June 7, online, 7:00 - 7:45.

Honing Our First Instrument, Ourselves! Join GPFS member Donna Maebori  in this interactive workshop to learn more about sensing, moving, posturing and breathing. Donna is a flutist who is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and a retired physical therapist.

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We will have a full focus on breathing, that oh-so vital capacity for flutists.  This will be a participatory time together.  Donna Maebori, flutist and Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, will lead us through a breathing lesson from the Feldenkrais Method®.   The evening will start with a brief introduction to the Feldenkrais Method, then move into this 30-minute lesson, which Donna will talk us through.  It will be a time to observe, learn about, and experiment with breathing.  The breathing actions will be gentle and unrushed.

Plan on how you want to position yourself for this experience!   One way is to lie on the floor on your back, arms by your sides and legs long.  Have blankets ready to lie on if your room is not carpeted.  Feel free to put a pillow under your knees and a folded towel under your head if that takes away any distracting discomfort.  You can lie on your side if you prefer.  In this case, having legs drawn up with a pillow between legs and folded bath towel under your head works well.  Or, sitting is just fine too.  It’s really helpful to sit fully back, comfortably upright, against a sturdy chairback.  Have a couple pillows on your lap for resting your arms.  Okay!  Those are your choices and decide what works best for you.

You won’t be moving around on the floor, so you only need enough floor space to lie down comfortably.  Do wear comfortable, and warm enough, clothing.  Socks are good to wear too, and shoes can come off if you are lying down.  If at least one person lying down can be seen on video that would be great, so maybe see if that’s a possibility for you.  If not, no worries.   If you are sitting, please plan to turn yourself sideways to your camera so you have an enhanced sense of being in your own experience.  Eyes will be closed throughout the lesson. 

After the lesson we will each walk around for a couple minutes, taking in sensations about our selves.  Then we will regroup back to our meeting together and talk for the few remaining minutes about the experience and how it applies to our flute playing, and yes, more generally in our lives as well.

If you are curious about the Feldenkrais Method, is a good link to use.  Any questions, feel free to contact Donna at or 971-409-3611. 

    What is First Tuesday with GPFS?

    What: New in 2022, every first Tuesday of the month will feature a performance or a workshop held by a GPFS member. The sessions will focus on the flute and other music topics of interest to members.

    When: The online sessions will begin at 7:00 pm each 1st Tuesday of the month (except for August) and last for about 45 minutes.

    How: Simply register, link below. You will receive a Zoom link that you will use to logon each first Tuesday you have registered for.

    Why: This is an opportunity to feature and celebrate the talents of our membership as well as share with each other our love of music and the flute as our instrument. 

    You Can Help: Participate. Invite others. Spread the word. Send your ideas - Submit a proposal (super easy) to present a workshop,  performance, panel, discussion group, etc. Solo and ensembles welcome. Link for proposal submission coming soon!

    See List of Past First Tuesdays: Past First Tuesdays

     First Tuesday Event - More details on each event will be communicated as the event draws closer. Registration Links (Coming Soon)
     March 1, 2022New Music from Oregon for Solo Flute: Join us for the premiere First Tuesday!

    Featuring a performance by member Amelia Lukas , new music of healing and renewal for solo flute, alto flute and piccolo, by members of Cascadia Composers. This performance was recorded live at the Leach Botanical Garden, September 26, 2021. Composers Lisa Marsh, David Bernstein and others will join the Q&A following the performance.

     April 5, 2022Learning and Performing the Bach Partita in A Minor for Solo Flute: This session features a performance of the first movement Allemande by Alicia DiDonato Paulsen, assistant principal flute of the Oregon Symphony. The performance, originally recorded for the Oregon Symphony’s online presence, will be followed with Alicia sharing some of her insights about learning and performing the Allemande. All-in-all this 45 minute session will be a perfect balance of outstanding flute playing of a beautiful piece, informative, and a relaxed "meet the performer" Q&A. Join us!CLOSED
     May 3, 2022Flute Ensemble Month, Rose City Flute Choir Concert: Join the RCFC for a set of their performance videos. Meet and chat with some of our members. Have questions about alto, bass and contrabass flutes? Come ask!CLOSED
     June 7, 2022Honing Our First Instrument, Ourselves: Join member Donna Maebori  in this interactive workshop to learn more about sensing, moving, posturing and breathing. Donna is a flutist who is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and a retired physical therapist. Wow!REGISTER 
    July & AugustSummer break. 
     September 6, 2022Opening Season Member's Concert
     October 4, 2022Tentative Performance & Workshop: Join member Victoria Calderone- Moreira to hear the piece and talk about learning and performing Famni Imen for Flute and Piano, by Valerie Coleman 
     November 1, 2022Chamber Music Night: Member ensembles concert (duos, trios, etc.). Flutes and other instruments! 
     December 6, 2022Celebrating the Season of Light: A member's concert featuring the pieces that give us hope, inspiration, joy. 

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