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Read below to learn more about this member benefit publication and get a quick glimpse of the current issue. You will also find a few feature articles from this past year's issues of The Portland Piper that are yours for the taking and sharing! 

Use the login below to access the current issue of The Portland Piper -

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You can read the recent past issue from this page as well.

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In the current issue, 
  • Reminders about upcoming GPFS events - April First Tuesdays Online with GPFS with flutist Alexis Evers and colleague, the Spring Guest Artist Concert with Marianne Gedigian and her "just announced" program, the 40th Annual Flute Fair schedule and member performances/workshops, an introduction to the Young Artist Competition and the Guest Artist Masterclass performers, and the upcoming collaborative event featuring Folias Duo with flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron.
  • An urgent plea for GPFS Flute Fair volunteers. We could use an hour of your time.
  • News from GPFS members - The Oregon Sinfonietta, Flute Alliance, Cassie Maloney, and Adam Eccleston.
  • Teaching & Learning – A great presentation handout and music downloads on Historic Jazz Flutists from Frank Poloney, the February First Tuesday guest artist.
  • Teaching & Learning - A review of Inspiring Flute Solos for the intermediate level flutist, arranged by Karen North
  • Teaching & Learning - An Introduction to NFA’s/Nadine Luke’s Video “Beyond Bach: Insights on New Flute Repertoire by Female Baroque Composers. Nadine will be the guest artist for the June First Tuesdays Online with GPFS.
  • Teaching & Learning – An Introduction to Liliflute Publishing Company and Highlights of Works for Flutes and Low Flutes. Liliflute is focused on Latin American Music.
  • Music Reviews – Inspiring Flute Solos for the intermediate level flutist, arranged by Karen North; and, a couple of "flashback" articles from prior issues which are focused on Irish music - 99 Irish Dance Tunes for Flute by Anne McGinty, and Noogleshifty, The All Knowing Salmon for flute and piano by Phillip Barnes.
  • Specialty Flutes – An introduction to and performance of Bokeh for flute and piano from Rose Bishop; an introduction to and performance of The Western East for Bass Flute and Harp by Yossi Hamami; and, a reminder/update about Flutestock, Oregon's Native American Flute/Music Festival
  • Musician Profiles – This issue is RICH in musician profiles with emphasis on those performing/presenting at the upcoming 40th Annual GPFS Flute Fair on 4/13.
  • A new Noteworthy column - Two resources recommended to us by a youth member - on on music theory and another on musical instruments! Thank you Greer and mom Eden!
  • We Read – The Last Repair shop document; Tania Leon's suggested music reads; guest artist Marianne Gedigian's book; and, a beautiful new coffee table/studio book by the outstanding DK Press - Composers: Their Lives and Works.
  • And more….


    GPFS offers opportunities for advertising in The Porland Piper as well as in our event programs, online, featured article in the publication, and through other ways.

    Learn more: Become a Commercial Member

    GPFS is grateful to all our current Commercial Members and Sponsors. They are an essential part of making our events possible.

    Submitting Content

    GPFS invites members and non-members to submit content. Content of particular interest are: articles about the teaching and learning of the flute; flutist profiles; ensemble profiles; articles about specialty flutes of all kinds; music and book reviews.

    Articles can range from half a page to two pages. These can be done on your own timeline. Contact with interest or questions.

    Submitting Music Reviews

    GPFS invites members and non-members to write music reviews of items of interest to members such as: sheet music for solo flute, ensemble/chamber, duos/trios, flute and piano, etc.; instructional method books; software/tech; streaming services; podcasts; albums/cd's; literature that enhances the musical life/self (fiction or non-fiction).

    Reviews can range from half a page to two pages. These can be done on your own timeline. Contact with interest or questions.

    What is The Portland Piper?

    This is the online publication of the Greater Portland Flute Society. It is a member benefit that is chock full of content! Now a fully online and published four times yearly, this publication features expanded content through the readership columns described below. Simply login to the Members Only Area or use the login button above. Content is now readily found, EASY to print, and easily saved.

    • All your favorite readership columns of new and old are still here.
    • Teaching and Learning – Focused on the teaching and learning of the flute, including contributions from our extraordinary GPFS members.
    • Member/Musician/Ensemble Profiles - Creating a robust Oregon flute community! Learn more about and from our rich membership talent and other flutists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.
    • From the GPFS Librarian – Featuring music reviews and highlights from our librarian and membership about the content of the GPFS sheet music lending library and other sheet music, methods or recordings of potential interest to our membership. 
    • Our Flutist Friends – Direction to fluting and learning opportunities in our greater region and worldwide.
    • Low and High Notes - Insightful connections to information and resources focused on low flutes, high and specialty flutes.
    • Noteworthy - A short list of curated videos, interviews, podcasts and performances of interest to musicians of all levels, but outside the scope of GPFS’s curated Flute Resources webpage.
    • We Read – Enriching our musical life through literature with a musical focus.

    Members are formally invited and encouraged to provide content for The Portland PiperPlease send your ideas and requests to

    Examples from The Portland Piper for Your Enjoyment

    An in-depth, three part series on low flutes written by Tessa Brinckman

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