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Front Page - Winter Issue,  2023

Published - January, 2024

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GPFS News & Events Page

2024 GPFS Young Artist Competition - Middle & High School Divisions 

Applications open 2/1/24 through 3/6/24. Competition to be held on 4/13/24 at Flute Fair.

Learn more and apply here: Young Artist Competition

Meet the 2023 Student Study Grant Recipients

Congratulations to these talented and deserving youth! We're proud of you. Keep up the good work. 

Link to Document: 2023-24 GPFS Student Study Grant Recipients Winter 2023.pdf

Over the year, stay abreast of different GPFS events on their respective webpages below. You will also receive emails announcing upcoming events:

Upcoming Masterclass with Flute Fair Guest Artist Marianne Gedigian

The application to perform for the Flute Fair guest artist Marianne Gedigian is open 2/1/24 through 3/15/24.

Stay tuned and apply: Flute Fair Masterclass with Marianne Gedigian

40th ANNUAL FLUTE FAIR SAVE THE DATE  for 4/12/24 and 4/13/24, the 40th Annual GPFS Flute Fair with guest artist Marianne Gedigian. Co-sponsored by the Clackamas Community College Music Dept. and Haynes Flutes.

Stay Tuned:  GPFS 40th Annual Flute Fair 2024 Guest Artist Marianne Gedigian.pdf

Mid Valley Flute Academy Registration Open

2/3/24, 9 - noon. The GPFS sponsored Flute Academy in Salem is an annual event that brings together local flute middle and high school students and teachers for a day of performing, workshops, recitals, playing together and a masterclass with a guest artist.

This year's guest artist is Gabriela Gimenes.

Stay Tuned: Flute Academy, Salem

  • 9:00 am - Warm-ups with Gabriela!
  • 10:00 -11:00 am - Flute choir with Gabriela!
  • 11:00 -12:00 - Performance with Gabriela along with two guitarist and a percussionist.

Thank you to GPFS volunteers Emily Stanek, Sandy Duffy Norman and Gabriela Gimenes for helping to plan this event!

FREE, ONLINE AND NO REGISTRATION - February First Tuesdays Online with GPFS

February 6, 2024, 7:00 -8:00 pm - Frank Poloney with the Jazz Flute Project presents - Taking a Moment to Look Back/Historic Jazz Flutists Inspiring the Next Chapters/Generation. Frank will share a selection of historical jazz flutists who laid the foundation for where we are today, some foundational jazz history, and some recommended listening for jazz flute.

Stay Tuned: First Tuesdays

FREE, ONLINE AND NO REGISTRATION - March First Tuesdays Online with GPFS

March 5, 2024, 7:00 - 8:00 pm - Alby Thoumsin and Sara Marvin with Flutestock present - The origin and mission of Flutestock along with some highlights of past performances, and some insights on the Native American flute community in Oregon. They will also share resources for learning more about the Native American flute and upcoming events.

See What Else We Have Lined Up!

First Tuesdays webpage, scroll down on it to see the whole season.

 "Meet the flutists of the Oregon Symphony" 

Fun was had by all at this well attended (80+ ) concert by Martha Long, Zach Galatis, and Alicia DiDonato Paulsen with Q&A, followed by a reception. Here is the program they performed. The music and the cupcakes were awesome. We also celebrated their birthdays!

Learn More and Link to Ticket Sales: Fall Guest Artist

Thank you to several GPFS Board Members for planning this event!

Volunteers will be needed for 40th Annual Flute Fair

As always, GPFS events only happen through the dedication of MANY volunteers. Please watch for a volunteer request for the upcoming flute fair and consider giving an hour of your time that day to help in small but important ways.

"Hanging out in that old violin while I've been waiting for you to pull me through." (Amos Lee, Violin)

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - FLUTE FAIR FREE FOR MEMBERS: If you have not yet renewed your membership for the new season starting 9/1/2023 please consider joining soon to enjoy the rest of the year of benefits and help support the work of your GPFS - Join GPFS.

If you are a Commercial Member/Sponsor - Become a Commercial Member

Teaching & Learning Column

Liliflute Publishing Company – Latin American Flute Self-Publisher

Here is an unusual and wonderful publishing company focused on Latin American music that you might like to know about – Liliflute Music. They have a rich array of music for c-flute, alto and bass as well as beginner, intermediate and more advanced method books that utilize the Latin American style.

Link to Article: Teaching and Learning Liliflute Publishing Winter 2023.pdf

Brazilian Flute Music, A Guide to Available Scores, from Tom Moore

Sourced from:

We ran across this list on the web.

Brazilian Music Guide from Tom Moore.pdf

It intrigued us given our commitment to helping flutists learn more about flute music from Brazil. We ran the list by our advisors on this topic and they said – “It’s a good one, worth sharing!” So, here it is. We thought this would also be a good time to “harken back” to all the great information Gabriela and Camilla provided on the topic too. See those “throwback” articles from the archives in this issue - to the right.

From the Summer Issue - Learning about the Flute and Brazil - Enjoy these recommendations from flutists Camila Oliveira and Gabriela Gimenes. They were recent First Tuesdays Online with GPFS guest artists. Their suggestions make learning about the flute and music of Brazil easier for all of us, particularly choro music. They suggest composer, flutists, recordings, songbooks, and more!

Electric Flute Method - Curious?

In case you don’t already know about flutist, composer, and educator Melissa Keeling, you might find her interests and accomplishments very interesting. While known as an outstanding traditional flutist in the classical, rock, and jazz genres she is also known as an electric flute player. She learned from her predecessors and pushed hard to bring her own creativity to performing and recording the electric flute. She also wrote an electronic flute pedagogy book, describing it at the comprehensive information she wished she had at hand when she got started. She especially enjoys the section of interviews with other electric flute players – there are 8 interviews!

If you want to know more then go to her website where she shares much information on setting up to play the electric flute, special effects, and other resources for learning.

Listen: Melissa Keeling on Electric Flute

Low to High Notes Column, Specialty Flutes

(GPFS needs volunteer writers for this and other columns. Contact

Oregon's Own Native American Flute Music Festival - Flutestock

GPFS is thrilled to learn about this rich Oregon-based resource and share it with our membership. This is a community of diversity, friendship, learning and fun!

If any of the following is true for you then Flutestock is an organization and event for you to know about. Are you interested in learning more about the Native American flute? Maybe you play one and want to improve or maybe you want to try starting up. Maybe you simply love the sound of the instrument and love listening to performances and learning about the Native American culture. You can learn more here!

Link to Article:  Flutestock Oregon's Native American Flute Festival Winter 2023.pdf

Teaching & Learning: Learning Resource for the Native American Flute

Since being inspired by Oregon’s own Flutestock, we simply can’t share enough of these kinds of resources. Again in the spirit of Native American flute music, this is a robust online environment from Jonny Lipford for learning the Native American flute The artist was an instructor at the 2023 Oregon Flutestock event.

Learn more: Jonny Lipford Horizons Website

Fluteopedia – An Online Encyclopedia of the Native American Flute

This is an information rich, functional yet clearinghouse like resources for the Native American flute. Contents include basics, more advanced instruction, history, crafting, and other resources.

Link: Fluteopedia

    From the Fall Issue - Link to Recoding of For Blue Promise, by Michiru Oshima

    World Premiere at the 2023 Siletz Bay Music Festival, 2023 (length, 16:35): Recording of For Blue Promise. Performed by Amelia Lukas on bass, alto and c-flute, violinist James Stern, cellist Jason Duckles and pianist Michelle Crow.

      Composer Michiru Oshima:

      Musician/Ensemble Profiles

      (GPFS needs volunteer writers for this and other columns. Contact

      Musician Profile - Flutist & Teacher Rebecca Towers Olson

      Meet Vancouver-based flutist and teacher Rebecca.

      Link to Her GPFS Profile: Musician Profile Rebecca Olsen Winter 2023.pdf

      Musician Profile: Flutist & Teacher Mindi Calabrese

      Meet Eugene-based flutist and teacher Mindi.

      Link to Her GPFS Profile: Musician Profile Mindi Calabrese Winter 2023.pdf

      Her website:

      Musician Profile - Flutist & Photographer Rachel Hadiashar, Zing Studio

      "Extraordinary portraits of professionals, creatives and teams."

      Link to Her GPFS Profile: Musician Profile - Rachel Hadiashar Winter 2023.pdf

      Link to Her Website: Rachel Hadiashar, Zing Studio

      Celebrating GPFS Student Study Grant Recipients!

      2023 Recipients

      2022 Recipients

      2021 Recipients

      And others!

      Learn more about Study Grants: Student Study Grants

      Music Reviews

      Music Review: Beyond Bach, Insights on New Flute Repertoire by Female Baroque Composers

      This is a video presentation to know about! It introduces us to new repertoire. This  was part of the National Flute Associations 2022 Online Event Series, presented by Dr. Nadine Luke who will be doing GPFS’s June First Tuesdays Online with GPFS on a similar topic.

      Link to Article: Music Review Beyond Bach Female Composers NFA Resource Winter 2023.pdf

      From the Fall 2023 Issue, Teaching & Learning: Repertoire from Under-Represented Composers

      Selected from a few sources, offered here are several sources to learn more about repertoire from under-represented composers. Let’s keep the learning going on this topic. Please share your other suggestions for sources and specific repertoire. 

      Link to GPFS Article: Teaching and Learning Music from Underrepresented Composers Fall 2023.pdf

      Listen and watch as The Frost Flute Studio of the University of Miami presents the culmination of a year-long project exploring literature written by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) composers. This playlist's repertoire spans the globe and musical genres.

      Link to Video: BIPOC Project Videos

      Native American Flute Stories in Classical Music – a CD from Flutist Laurel Zucker

      On the continued theme of Native American music, this is a 2011 CD from Laurel Zucker played on the tradition flute which features 8 pieces of music representing the Native American culture and music including three pieces by Katherine Hoover and four pieces by John Thow. A favorite of this newsletter editor is her performance of John Thow’s To Invoke the Clouds for solo flute. You can find this CD on Apple, Spotify and other streaming services.

      News from GPFS Members and Flutist Friends Around the World Column

      Non-GPFS Events - Use this GPFS webpage to find other opportunities to enjoy performances, workshops, recordings, etc. from around the region and world. This page is updated semi-routinely as is the calendar page:

      Please let us know if you would like to have an event or recording or other resource posted, free - We could also use some help maintaining this page.

      From member John Savage - Musical Score Oscar Contender!

      "I am pleased to announce that I am featured on composer Mark Orton's musical score on alto and bass flute for the Oscar contender, The Holdovers, directed by Alexander Payne. It is in theaters now! It also features a number of other great Portland musicians."


      Yoga and Meditation with Flutist Cassie Maloney

      Want to take a meditation or yoga class but can't find one that fits your schedule? Cassie Maloney, flutist, Alexander Technique teacher, and GPFS member offers on-demand classes that you can take any time. Find various types and lengths of classes and courses at the link below. You can reach Cassie at with questions or to find which class would be a great fit for you. Use code STRESSLESS to take your first class for free!


      One more time - Flute Alliance Offers Solo Prep Day

      Flute Alliance announces it's free annual Flute Solo Prep Day for middle and high school students planning on performing in the Solo/Ensemble competitions and festivals in the Portland Metro Area.

      Date/Time/Place: Sunday, February 4, Time: 1:00-3:00, Place: Portland State University, Lincoln Hall, Rm. #37.

      What: Respected flutists/educators of Flute Alliance (Dr. Sydney Carlson, Adam Eccleston, and Denise Westby) will listen to each student perform their piece and give personal feedback and coaching to help make your final performance everything you want it to be! Players are encouraged to perform with their accompanists, if possible (but not required). 

      Cost: FREE!

      Space is limited! Please contact Denise Westby today to reserve your spot:

      Concerto Competition Opened by Oregon Sinfonietta

      OR Sinfonietta Concerto Competition - The Oregon Sinfonietta under the direction of Dr. Don Appert is announcing it’s 2024-2025 concerto competition pieces. 
      This year the competition includes the Reineke Concerto for Flute in D, Op. 283, The Lalo Cello Concerto in D minor, and the Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 5 in E-Flat, Op. 73.  The winners in each of these categories will receive $1000 and a performance opportunity with the orchestra for the 2025 season.  Players must be 21 years of age or younger. Auditions will happen in October 2024 and must be memorized. 

      Audition information can be found on our website -

      Meet a Couple Oregon Native American Flutists!

      Flutestock featured these two outstanding, award winning Oregon flutists in their 2023 festival – Tommy Graven from Ashland, OR and Geri Littlejohn. Learn more about these fellow Oregon flutists through the links below. Geri also has an interesting journey making Native American style flutes which you can read about on her website.

      Tommy Graven YouTube Channel, and Tommy Graven Website

      Geri Littlejohn Website

      The trio consists of Rose Bishop on flute, Lisa Neher, mezzo soprano, and Abbie Brewer, piano. They are dedicated to sharing the music of living composers, particularly women, with audiences in engaging, intimate, and memorable performances. The program for this tour is a combination of trios, duets, and solos, including: Bentley Roses (Jennifer Higdon), Theme for Young Love (Sabrina Pena Young), Stations of Angels (Leslie Uyeda), Rhythms from the North Country (Gwyneth Walker), and a song cycle She Conjures by Lisa Neher to name a few. 

      Learn More and Tickets: Evergreen Trio


       Noteworthy - This column for The Portland Piper that was conceived and developed by GPFS member Sue Bonfeld. It is a short list of curated videos, interviews, podcasts and performances of interest to musicians of all levels, but outside the scope of GPFS’s curated Flute Resources webpage.

      Note, this robust webpage is updated regularly and all suggestions are welcome – please just email us at  

      Andre 3000 New Solo Album – New Blue Sun

      Andre 3000, one half of the famous hip hop duo, OutKast, just released his first album in 17 years – and it is a tour de force. Listen to this NPR interview with the artist and then listen to his new music on your favorite streaming service. Over the course of his musical life he moved from hip hop to loving the flute and creating ambient sounds.

      Link: Andre 3000 NPR Interview

      More: New Blue Son description

      Listen to the Full Album: New Blue Sun Album by Andre 3000

      From a CBS News interview 12/6/23 - André's passion for the flute is evident. He finds it hard to be without one. ‘I've gotten so used to it. I kind of have a muscle memory of holding it. So when I don't have it, like I'm trying to find something to do with my hands when I end up putting them in my pockets, you know, but because I'm used to kind of like fiddling around,’ he said. He said the "humanness" of the instrument, along with its portability and immediate sound, made him fall for it, even without being a trained musician.

      We Read Column

      From the 40th GPFS Flute Fair Guest Artist Marianne Gedigian

      "Written by flutist and teacher Marianne Gedigian, Survival of the Flutist details the journey of a flutist on their path to professional and personal fulfillment. This stunning 80+ page hard cover picture book was masterfully hand lettered and illustrated by artist, flutist and teacher Patti Adams. Produced by Adam Workman, founder and president of Flutistry Boston, Survival of the Flutist is exclusively available at" Source: Flutistry

      Composers, Their Lives and Works by DK Press

      If you enjoy music, history, and biographies then this very attractively illustrated, cleanly formatted and easy to read “coffee table” like book is a trifecta of knowledge spanning centuries.

      Link to Review: We Read Composers Their Lives and Works Winter 2023.pdf

      Earths' Wild Music by Kathleen Moore

      If, in addition to the flute and music, you love nature and are an advocate for - or curious about - protecting and saving the earth’s air, sky, water, forests and animals then this may be a collection of essays for you. Written by an Oregonian.

      Link to Review: We Read Earths Wild Music Winter 2023.pdf

      From the Fall Issue - Every Brain Needs Music - The Neuroscience of Making and Listening to Music

      by Larry S. Sherman and Dennis Plies (223, 270 pages)

      If you are interested in how humans create, perform, practice, and listen to music then this one is for you. Did you know we have music brain cells? We have music-loving neurons. Outstanding!

      This book hails from Oregon. Larry is a professor of neuroscience at Oregon Health Science University and a pianist. Dennis, also a musician as well as a music educator, taught for many years at Warner Pacific University.

      Read the Full, Brief Review Here: We Read Every Brain Needs Music Fall 2023.pdf

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