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Flute Resources

This page makes it easy for flutists of all levels to access online educational and enrichment resources related to leading a vibrant musical life.  

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GPFS Flutes for Sale

GPFS Commercial Membership: Please visit the fine flute retailers on our commercial membership page. These businesses support GPFS and its flute-related activities. 

INSTRUMENT REPAIR (PS – GPFS Program Sponsor; CM – GPFS Commercial Member)

Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc (PS)                               Portland Music Company
Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company (PS)                              Ted Brown Music (PS)
Canter Flute Repair (PS)                                               Wally’s Music
Flute Center of New York (PS)                                                       Windsmith Music (CM)
Flute World (CM)
Flute Works Seattle (PS)


GPFS Member Lending Library
GPFS Commercial Members
Petrucci Library, IMSLP and IMSLP Canada
National Flute Association library

If you have a library card with a college or university, you may be able to borrow sheet music from their library as well as utilize the interlibrary loan system.


National Flute Association: This membership-based organization offers a robust range of benefits.  They provide relevant, quality content for flutists of all levels, and their website is very user-friendly.

There are many flute clubs with a worthwhile online and/or social media presence.  We mention only a few of the more active clubs here:

Austin Flute Society
British Flute Society
Chicago Flute Club
New Jersey Flute Society
New York Flute Club


Flute Examiner : Keith Hanlon article 
Chris Potter Flute: for all things low flute
Carla Rees UK: an excellent overview of Kingma system alto and bass flutes
Getting Started: an introductory article by Phyllis Louke, GPFS member
Facebook: Low Flutes page


Flute Examiner Resources

Flute Examiner Blog Posts
Erica Peel: Practice With The Experts
Boston Flute Academy Piccolo Corner


Irish Flute: Leslie Anne HarrisonShannon HeatonPhilippe BarnesOnline Academy of Irish Music
The Irish Flute Guide, and Shaping the Irish Flute.
Learning Irish Flute Playing Resource Feb 2022.pdf
Historical Flutes Committee: NFA


Flute Colors: a focus on extended techniques for flute (fee)
Flute Tunes: A daily source of free sheet music with accompaniment; lots of archived content and built in musical tools. Great for sight-reading or warm up music.
FluteXpansions: An online laboratory focused on the contemporary flute (fee)

The Flute Practice: An online practice and learning space for all levels

GPFS Teacher List:  find a teacher in the greater Portland Oregon area
Jennifer Cluff: wide range of informative materials for flutists; helpful blog
Simply Flute: Paul Edmund-Davies’ instruction and exercises (fee)
Smart Music, Play with a ProPrincipal Chairs:  three NFA sponsored sites (fee)
Dr. Sydney Carlson(GPFS member) excellent warmup exercises
Flute Net: online bulletin board for flutists
Woodwind Fingering Guide: online fingering charts 


Music Theory Academy: a free resource focused on the theoretical aspects of music
Teoria: an interactive approach to music theory
Listening to Music: YouTube series of videos with Yale University’s Professor Craig Wright

Playground for Music Education & Theory: A free site that teaches a range of music theory from beginner to advanced for people of all ages.


NFA Performance Health Care Committee resources: a variety of websites focused on musician wellness
The Happy Flutist: take a few minutes each day to recharge yourself!

List of resources assembled for the GPFS Wellness Webinar Calming the Performance Anxiety Beast - Changing the Way We Think, Act and PlayWellness and Performance Anxiety Resources GPFS February 2023.pdf and Alexander Technique Resource List GPFS February 2023.pdf

Performance Anxiety Workshop A Box of Treats Handout.pdf

Exercises for your Primary Instrument: Yourself: Breathing, Stretching and Posturing Activities using Feldenkrais Method®    Flute Ensemble Gathering Full Exercise Program.pdf



Sibelius: music composition software (free basic version available)
Tenuto (App): exercises and calculators focused on music theory (fee)
Theory Lessons (App): beginner and intermediate music theory lessons (fee)


Talking Flutes

Flute Podcast 360 

The Flute View: also an online magazine
Flute Unscripted: from the Flute Center of NY
The Flute Channel: geared more towards those just starting out with the flute
Porter Flute: performance and piece specific instruction videos by Amy Porter
From Classic FM Radio, a list of their top seven recommended classical music podcasts
Classic FM: regarded as one of the premiere classical music digital radio stations.
Naxos Music: a streaming music service. Access to Naxos is offered as a benefit to NFA Members


    Flutist Quarterly: the online publication of the National Flute Association (fee)
    Flute Talk Now: discontinued, but online archived issues are available at no cost 
    Flute View: online magazine with a focus on idea exchange among flutists
    Pan Journal: the online publication of the British Flute Society (fee)
    The Babel Flute: international focus
    The Flute Examiner: online newsletter
    The Portland Piper: the online publication of the Greater Portland Flute Society (fee)


    Oxford Music Online
    The classical page at All Music. This site also covers many other genres of music
    Flute AcousticsThe University of South Wales, Australia, web site dedicated to understanding the flute. Includes The Virtual Boehm Flute: select a fingering to search for all its predicted notes and multi-phonics. information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years focuses on simple system wooden flutes. Lots of related links

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