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Flute Resources

Our goal with this page is to make it easy for flutists of all levels to access quality, enjoyable, global and local resources supportive of the teaching and learning of the flute as well as leading a vibrant musical life.

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Click on the interest links below or simply scroll down this webpage to see all content.



  • GPFS Flutes for Sale – Where members and non-members can post flutes for sale.
  • Please visit the fine flute and sheet music retailers on our GPFS Sponsors page. These flute-makers and dealers support the Greater Portland Flute Society and its Flute Clubs and Organizations.


In addition to supporting any local shops that provide quality repairs, adjustments and overhauls such as those below, please also visit the fine flute dealers and makers on our GPFS Sponsors page.



There are many flute clubs, national and international, with a worthwhile presence online and in social media, particularly Instagram. We mention only a few of the more active clubs below.

  • National Flute Association - This is a "must membership" for a robust range of benefits. This association works hard and effectively to provide relevant, timely and quality content for flutists of all levels. Visit their site to learn more! Here is a link to a community events board they host. They've also been hosting a series of online events.
  • British Flute Society - Membership in the BFS is a very effective way of staying in touch with the European world of fluting.
  • Greater Portland Flute Society (GPFS) - Us! Embracing greater Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Seattle Flute Society - "Just up the road!" Embracing greater Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest as well. Many GPFS members enjoy the Seattle programming.
  • Chicago Flute Club and the NY Flute Club - Who doesn't want to stay in touch with or virtually "hang around" with our Chicago and NY flutist friends!? They are always up to something unique and good. The New Jersey and the Austin clubs are stepping up their online offering as well.


  • Keith Hanlon’s article is helpful if you’re not a low flute player.
  • Chris Potter’s site is comprehensive with all things low flute.
  • Carla Rees gives an excellent overview of Kingma system altos and bass flute, and general alto/bass flute and publishes new repertoire through Tetractys.
  • Shanna Pranaitis and Matthias Ziegler have some lovely explanations of contemporary techniques that include low flutes, along with their detailed repertoire page.
  • Phyllis Advin Louke, GPFS member, provides basics for getting started with low flutes.
  • Facebook’s Low Flutes page offers instant connection with low flutists who enjoy shop-talk – a good place to discuss flute brands.



  • GPFS Teacher List - Start here to find a teacher in the greater Portland/Oregon area. 
  • Simply Flute – Created by Paul Edmund-Davies, this robust and growing platform is “dedicated to providing instruction and exercises to help flute players of all stages and ages on their respective musical journeys.”
  • - A daily source of free sheet music with MP3 accompaniment. Encourages sight-reading and other skills with content relevant to all levels of flute playing as well as helpful to teachers. Lots of archived content and built in tools like a metronome to help with learning.
  • The National Flute Association (NFA) calls out the following resources most relevant to different levels and interests of learning the flute: Smart Music or a direct link; Play with a Pro; Principal Chairs; and their NFA page on youth resources.
  • Woodwind Fingering Guide - On-line fingering charts for flute, piccolo, and more.
  • FluteXpansions - "An online laboratory for performers and composers to learn and explore sounds of the contemporary flute" and serves as "a platform for international collaboration."
  • Flute Colors - An online publication and other resources "dedicated to extended techniques for flute. The magazine contains pieces for beginners, advanced players, students and teachers. Have fun with extended techniques!" A sample issue can be downloaded for free.
  • Jennifer Cluff - A range of enjoyable and informative materials for teaching and playing, including a blog.
  • The Flute Network - "Serving flutists and the people who love them." 
  • Dr. Sydney Carlson - Flute faculty at Portland State University and GPFS member has some great warm-ups posted on her teaching webpage, scroll down.


  • Flute Podcast 360 with Heidi Kay Begay. A Google search indicates there are several ways to listen to this podcast, including through Apple and Spotify podcast listings. There is also a 360 YouTube channel.
  • The Flute View radio podcast as one part of a robust, web-based flute environment, including an online magazine.
  • Talking Flutes, with Clare Southworth, on iTunes, Spotify, any other podcast providers or on their website where all the full catalogue of Talking Flutes is available to stream.
  • The Flute Channel, the Flute Talk channel on YouTube. Music videos, live shows, lessons, reviews.
  • Flute Unscripted, from the Flute Center of NY. Candid conversations with musicians, makers and master. Available on ITunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, etc.
  • Porter Flute, flutist Amy Porter's YouTube channel. Many performance and piece specific instruction videos.
  • From Classic FM Radio, a list of their top seven recommended classical music podcasts.
in addition to the familiar Spotify, ITunes, Amazon Prime Music and Pandora, the following streaming services may be of interest. Further, many area and other world class flutists, ensembles and orchestras can be found on YouTube as well as several commercial members and flute-makers who post the occasional gems – consider searching and subscribing according to your interests!


  • The Portland Piper, the online publication of the Greater Portland Flute Society. Published four times a year. Features regional, national and international flute news as well as curated knowledge about teaching and learning the flute as well as Oregon/Pacific Northwest flutist profiles. This publication and our annual events are worth the modest fee of membership.
  • Flutist Quarterly (FQ), the online publication of the National Flute Association. This is a long established, highly professional publication which is consistently rich in a range of content. NFA also offers a fully online publication called FQPlus.
  • Pan Journal, "the British Flute Society's acclaimed journal. Published three times a year, it’s an entertaining and authoritative guide to all aspects of the flute and flute playing - from the latest news, events and music & book reviews, to articles by the world's most knowledgeable writers on the flute’s history, music & players."
  • Flute View - Online magazine with highly relevant, contemporary written and video content.
  • The Flute Examiner- This is a free online publication and newsletter published by Jessica Dunnavant and colleagues. It features articles on flute and flute pedagogy. The site has an archive of past issues.




  • Oxford Music Online
  • The classical page at All Music. This site also covers many other genres of music.
  • Flute Acoustics - The University of South Wales, Australia, web site dedicated to understanding the flute. Includes The Virtual Boehm Flute: select a fingering to search for all its predicted notes and multi-phonics.
  • - Information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years.
  • - Focuses on simple system wooden flutes. Lots of related links.
  • The Happy Flutist - Very unique content actively focused on mental health of musicians and wellness in living the musical life. Created by Trevor James Flutes in collaboration with others. Includes guided visualizations, mindfulness work and other like content. Take ten and spend some time with it.

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